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From lat. Panakeia
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We are a company licensed in non-psychoactive cannabis cultivation since 2020, which seeks to promote the development of the national cannabis market and participate in the international market by supplying it with organic raw material with high quality standards and traceability.


We bet on ...

Organic non-psychoactive cannabis flower productions, with cultivation plans that do not use pesticides, or any other chemicals.

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Christian cabrera


Engineer committed to leadership and business strategies focused on sustainability. With more than ten (10) years of experience establishing supply chains and commercial strategies in remote areas within three (3) different continents and more than seven (7) countries,  Christian brings his knowledge in the energy sector combined with his entrepreneurial spirit to create solid business and economy in his country.

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Laura Giraldo



Engineer passionate about the execution of efficient and high quality production processes.
Her passion for cannabis combined with her production and logistics experience in multinationals led her to be one of the few internal auditors in Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Cannabis in the Colombia.
  ISO certified.


Cannabis in Colombia

Country with competitive advantages

Colombia offers many advantages for the development of medical cannabis industry, among them: the existence of an adequate legal framework, lower production and labor costs, weather conditions, the existence of a good productive infrastructure, the availability of qualified and skilled labor, and the existence of a long time cannabis growers within the countries history, transforms Colombia into a unique international raw material provider for cannabis products developers of pharmaceutical or industrial markets.

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